Excel Truck Group Roanoke, Virginia

Columbia, SC

Excel Truck Group - Columbia
2790 Shop Road
Columbia, SC 29209
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Toll Free: (803) 620-7043
Fax: (803) 376-1311

Hours of Operation:

Sales Department: 8am - 5pm, M-F

Parts & Heavy Duty Service: 7am - 10pm, M-F
8am - 4pm, Sat

Medium Duty Truck Service: 7am - 10pm, M-F
8am - 4pm, Sat

After Hours
Customers arriving from 7pm-10pm should go to the Service Counter for assistance.
Service: Call (336) 624-2280
Parts: Call (803) 376-4455

Comfortable Driver's Lounge
Free WIFI internet
Customer workstation
Free Shuttle to Hotel
Free Coffee & Water
Bigscreen TV with free Satellite or Cable TV